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Unlimited Miles included in all our prices!

We are a family business with over 30 years experience in the car rental industry…

Your means of transport when on holiday should be the most convenient solution for you. Fussing about booking rentals or leasing cars should be the least of your worries. At Gatwick Car Hire we aim to lessen your burden and ensure that you enjoy your holiday. Whether you require a car for a day or longer, we offer a daily rental service as well as a leasing service which will allow for you to choose the most suitable option for yourself.

You may be thinking why do I need to lease or rent a car when I can hire an airport taxi, probably for a cheaper price? However, the difference is not necessarily in price, although our services do provide a cheap car hire at Gatwick, but the experience is also very different. You get to be in control of the car. You get to choose when to leave and where to go.
By choosing a car hire service from Gatwick airport, you can be assured that as soon as you get off the plane, your car will be waiting for you to take it wherever you need to go! You will not need to rush to catch a taxi or worry about keeping to a set time limit as your Gatwick car rental will be at your disposal.

The best thing about us at Gatwick Car Hire is that by choosing us you are allowing yourself to collect your rental vehicle and head off to wherever you want on your own terms and at your own pace. If you are looking for a car rental service at Gatwick airport, then we are the ones for you!

If you are looking to hire or lease a car and have any queries, then please contact us on +44 1293 403404 or email us at info@carhiregatwick.co.uk.